Welcome to Lightbulbs.org. We have created this site for two reasons. The first is because we care about the environment and want to tell people about current news and information to fight Global Warming. The second reason is because we wanted to start taking action. We figure a simple way to make a difference, and something everyone could take part in, is to change the light bulbs we use.

Lighting an average home can use more energy than you laundry equipment, refrigirator, and dish washer combined! By changing our inefficient light bulbs to LED energy-saving light bulbs, we will be making a difference toward fighting pollution and Global Warming. The benefits of switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs (look for the Energy Star logo) are not just environmental. They also save you money over their useful life. Most people who complain about the price tend to forget to look at energy costs and how many incandescent bulbs you’d have to buy over the life of just one LED (more on that below).



If every home in the U.S. switched just one inefficient light for an Energy Star one, that would be equivalent to taking 800,000 vehicles off the road in term of greenhouse gas emissions, and it would cut down on all kinds of pollutants that come from coal power plants (mercury, various smog-forming particulates, etc). And that’s just 1 light per house. I’m hoping that most people will embrace the new technology and change all their lights as they burn out.



A typical light bulb used 90 percent of its energy for heat and only 10 percent for illumination. LED energy saver light bulbs use 66 percent less energy in your home and last up to 10 times longer than a traditional high energy light bulb. Yes, it costs a little more upfront, but saves money in the long run.



The task of getting people to change from at least one high energy light bulb to an energy saver light bulb seems like it will be an easy task. Our first goal is to have people switch just one light bulb in their homes. We then want to encourage them to switch all or most of their light bulbs. We will start by passing out light bulbs to our neighbors, then our community, and hopefully go national and global. We will enlist schools by encouraging students to reach their parents, companies to reach their workers, and media to reach the masses.


We look forward to working with you to make this a better planet!